About Chris Heyer

Welcome!  Just a short introduction.  I wear several hats for my employer:

  • Faculty – Business & Computer Science (BUCS) and EDU classes in Visual, Performing, and Liberal Arts (VPLA).
  • Adjunct Faculty Coordinator – if you’ve been to an AF Meeting or training, I’ve arranged it.  It’s my job to support and advocate for the district adjunct faculty in many arenas; compensation, hiring, credentialing, adjunct & student issues.
  • District Assessment Director – We just completed our 10-year accreditation process with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) – with flying colors, I might add.  I supervise and support all avenues and methods of assessment throughout the College District.

I serve on the following committees:

  • SLOA – Student Learning & Outcomes Assessment
  • GIFT  – Great Ideas for Teaching
  • HR Performance Management
  • HLC Assurance / Accreditation


You’ll notice by my picture that I like doggies!   They have so much to share – and they do ask questions of you, but the best part is the unconditional love they always give you – even if you are too busy to take them for that walk.


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