The King and I (Part II) Or…Getting to know you [better].

Remember my last post where I was going to ask questions? Here was the assignment:

I listed topics we will cover during the rest of the semester, such as self-motivation, self-management, interdependence, self-awareness, life-long learning & critical thinking, and emotional Intelligence. I asked them…

  •  What are you curious about? 
  • What problems or issues are important to you? 
  • What topics matter to you? 
  • What questions do you wish you could answer?
  • What questions or issues are not listed?

OK, Ready for the answers… (well, questions, really):

  • Will we be discussing how negative influences affect our self-management?
  • How can we avoid these negative influences?
  • Will we be doing any group assignments?
  • A lot of our journals seem like repetition. I know it’s not a question but I’m curious as to whether the journals are going to start changing a bit.
  • I hear the term – critical thinking – all the time – what is it?
  • We have already been over some of the things that I would like to have help with or would like to learn, but the things that I’m curious about is probably more about college. More into detail with the and how. I’m kind of confused about some things, maybe it’s something I could talk to more with my advisor, but if we would take a little more time to explain like paths that I or my classmates are going, it would help me.
  • The problems and issues that are important to me are thinking positive. I have a big problem with that, and sometimes I’ll stress myself out just because I think of all the bad things and none good.
  • Just as in the last two, I think the topics that matter to me would be more about college and also how to keep a positive outlook and some things to help me think positive. I wish I could really answer this because now I watch motivational videos a lot to make me think positive and think about ways around the bad things going on in my life, but I can’t answer to myself how to keep myself positive most of the time. Actually, I’m probably procrastinating, now that I read this.
  • Is medical marijuana legal on campus?
  • How can we help feed, give water to, provide healthcare for, and teach struggling countries without digging ourselves (The U.S.) into a hole?
  • I always wonder about people saying, we are going to run out of that resource or this. My question is; ‘does technology become advanced to be able to produce and sustain all resources?’
  • If I think I’m taking too many classes, is it better to just fail than drop the class and not have to pay back my financial aid?
  • Do you think everyone has their own disability from someone else’s perspective?
  • How did the mortgage people able to give big loans to people with minimum wage jobs? My family lost our house because we couldn’t keep up – seems unfair. Will we talk about money and finances in this class?
  • Am I really dependent on the guy sitting next to me? Weird.
  • Why is minimum wage so low; I have three jobs now, and I need to get another. Do you have any ideas?
  • I’m really overloaded. When I registered for all my classes I didn’t have a job. Now I have two, and I’m really having trouble keeping up. Should I quit school or just take less?
  • Will we have someone talk to us about big money careers? I’m sick of scraping by.
  • The topics that matter to me are how to read a d___ textbook. How come I was not showed this in high school? I could do much better if I was.
  • Why are there so many essays and papers?
  • How come we have to get so much material online?
  • I paid my tuition with a credit card and now I’m behind paying them. Does this mean the college will drop me if they find out? I don’t know who to talk to.
  • What if I don’t like a person in my group?
  • If I have a problem with another professor, would you go with me to talk to them?
  • Will we have employers or colleges come talk to us about jobs?
  • Do you know of any jobs that would work well while I went to school? Are we going to discuss this?
  • Do you give job references?

Next week should be fun!  We’ll have a lot to talk about for sure.  I don’t think I’ll get everything answered in one class, but I’ll try to incorporate things into class.

So, I guess they don’t know what they don’t know.



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