What to do on your Summer Vacation…

OK – what are you doing on summer vacation?  Something totally outside of teaching, or do you have to prep for some new classes.  I just read an article on Faculty Focus, “Six Questions that will bring your Teaching Philosophy into Focus, by Neil Haave, Ph.D.   Dr. Haave reviews the notion that how we learn informs how we teach, and we should always be mindful of being a student; asking ourselves what it was like to learn a new concept or idea for the first time.  He asks six questions – from your best learning experience to what and how you are achieving objectives in your class.  

Ask yourself those six questions, but don’t forget to ask yourself what you didn‘t like – what you found frustrating – what could have helped you as a student, and how these answers can and should affect your teaching.

Neil Haave, PhD
Neil Haave, PhD

So, what are you doing over the summer?  Maybe I’ll be asking and answering some thoughtful questions!


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