So, this week’s challenge is to reflect on our 9x9x25 experience – what we would improve, what seemed to work. Well, actually, all of it seemed to work!

I found out so much from everyone; mostly about their commitment to students and teaching.  It makes me more thankful and thoughtful of those with whom I work.

I’m thankful I responded to the challenge.  Because of having to post weekly, I have a better sense of why my students sometimes get frustrated with one of my assignments (…why can’t she see that I have four other classes too?!).  Or comments about other instructors (…why can’t he see that I have four other classes too?!).   In reflection, I’ll make a concerted effort to remember those other assignments when I plan next semester.

I’m thankful that I really read your blogs.  It’s been inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, and interesting.  Seriously, I don’t know how I’m going to take all of your classes, but will just have to give it a go.  In reflection, your blogs showed me much more about you as a person, teacher, and colleague.  I got to read all about your humor, frustration, and commitment – to your students and to your profession.

I’m thankful to learn new ideas.  All of you shared some great stuff!  It was akin to what I ask students to share – new ideas – new thinking – different thinking – questioning norms in a participatory way.  In reflection, this 9x9x25 challenge was both a learning and social process or, if you will, a moderated discussion; exactly I want from students.  If I lecture students then test them, they aren’t learning a lot.  If I propose a set of new ideas, listen to what they have to say, encourage interaction with others, and manage conversations in directions that seem useful based on interactions, they are probably going to learn a lot.  Just as I did over the past nine weeks.

Improvements?  More ice cream; maybe wine – more participants.  I like the idea of a week of just commenting.



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